One of the common default IP addresses used by various router manufacturers [Belkin (www.belkin.com) and SMC (www.smc.com), for example] is It is actually a private IPv4 address which means that in a network only one can exist, and it can’t be accessed from outside the network (we need a NAT to accomplish that). Also, in case 2 machines have the same IP in a network, then a so-called IP conflict may occur. Luckily, this situation can be easily solved. Although this IP is a default one, it doesn’t mean that it cannot be changed. This is particularly useful when we experience an IP conflict, so one of the devices has to have its IP changed.

The purpose and usability of this IP address is not different than of other private IP addresses. It is often used as a default gateway. This is quite helpful when you don’t know the IP of your router, so running the ipconfig command in the Command prompt will reveal it. If you are not familiar with this, just follow the next few steps.

  1. Click the START button and in the Search programs and files type Run.
  2. When the new window opens type cmd in the Open: field.
  3. The Command prompt will open and then type ipconfig and press Enter on your keyboard
  4. A new window will open and in there you will see the Default gateway number. This is your router’s IP.

Please note that these steps are for Windows 7 since it is one of the most used operative systems today. In previous versions of windows only the first step is a bit different where you activate the Run window.

The question now is – why do you need to know this IP address or the default IP of your router to be precise? One of the main uses of this IP is that it can help you access the router’s configuration settings. Inside you will find other useful options such as improving the security of your router or network, and others.

How can you connect to your router using

Well, in case you are experiencing any networking problems, the first place to look for the solution is the router’s configuration dashboard. To access it, simply type in in the address bar of your browser and hit Enter. In some browsers, like Mozilla Firefox, you don’t have to add http:// in front, because it is added automatically. You will be asked for a username and password. You can use the default usernames and passwords:

For Belkin routers:

Username: blank

Password: blank

Brand new Belkin routers come without a username and password. However, your seller or ISP provider could have set it up. In this case take a look at the instructions manual or look for a sticker under the router for the details.

For SMC routers:

Username: blank

Password: blank

NOTE: In this case, don’t type anything, just press Log in


Username: admin

Password: smcadmin

In case these passwords don’t work you can either look at your user manual or reset the router to the factory settings and try again.

Once you gain access to the configuration settings you can easily try t find a solution to your networking problems. Please remember that you don’t have to have a functional Internet connection to access the router’s configuration settings.

We hope you have found what you wanted to know about the IP address, and how to access it. And remember, whenever you experience some networking problems, the first place to go is the router’s configuration panel.

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  1. mydron Jones says:

    trying touse my kindle tablet and need to connect to wifi.please help. forgot password

  2. pepper says:

    i have bought a kindle and need wii-fii password,how do i get this

  3. CHAMINDA says:

    i am not getting wireless connectivity from last week.
    1, cannot access through my connection
    2, in the router no internet and modem lights Lit.

    pls help in this regards

    my model no ; F5D7234-4-H VS


  4. shameem says:

    i am using this 4G for the last two days .There are 8 persons in my room,all of them are using internet without my permission(without spending any money),now iwant to block the connection to them because its my own,so can you please tell me how can set it in a password option?

  5. Miguel Guarinon says:


    Have a Belkin wireless G Router model F5D7230-4v9… It is don’t working… Follow the cables connection steps thoroughly, without success…In front of it, all leds shine except “internet led”… My laptop indicates an available conection but ask for a secure key…I don’t remember that.. So, i ask for any
    help you may to place.

    By attention, acknowledge.

  6. Jeffrey Sells says:

    I need to set up a password on my wireless Belkin router. I have run sometime without one but need to add one now. Please give detailed instructions. I am not a computer geek. Thanks.

  7. Amanda Parisher says:

    My room mate and I can not seem to get the wifi to work for our mobile devices. We have tried resetting the router, unplugging it and plugging it back in, but nothing seems to work. Help!

  8. John Olivier says:

    how do i change my router from NAT 3 type to NAT 2

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